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"...and I've always said, if Exar Kun had artillery at Toprawa, your Jedi Chancellor would be sporting yellow eyes today."
Jarrow Rusher to Kerra Holt[src]

A SPHA-T group, an example of artillery

Artillery was a term used to describe medium and heavy weapons systems or vehicles designed for long-range bombardment, generally against fortified targets such as bunkers and shield generators but also vehicles and infantry. Most artillery pieces were stationary, fed by high-output power generators, serviced by large crews and protected within armored housing, although many examples of mobile pieces existed. Light artillery pieces, also known as heavy weapons or infantry support weapons, are not included in this category, nor are the immense planetary weapons used to attack orbiting spacecraft.[1]

Direct fire artillery included blasters and Slugthrowers which could only hit targets within their line-of-sight. While this limited their range and what they could target, their shots generally traveled fast enough that the enemy had almost no chance to avoid getting hit.[1]

Indirect fire artillery included missiles, rockets and shells traveling on a ballistic trajectory which could hit targets outside their line-of-sight, whether behind cover or over the horizon. While this gave them superior range, the projectiles they fired were also vulnerable to being shot down by antimissile systems. As well those with guidance systems, while capable of making midflight course corrects, could be fooled by enemy countermeasures.[1]


Artillery Strike

An artillery strike hits its target

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