An artillery regiment was a formation of the Imperial Army.


An artillery regiment was an anomaly within the Imperial Army. The Galactic Empire was slow to recognize the continued need for artillery on the battlefield, and the buildup of the Imperial Military largely bypassed the artillery arm. The threat posed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic changed the view of artillery as an effective tool. Artillery regiments were formed as quickly as units became available, and were generally comprised of three artillery battalions, an assault battalion, and a scout troop. Regiments had a personnel strength of 3,520 personnel, with either 288 or 144 artillery pieces depending on the make up of the individual artillery units. 199 repulsorcraft and 53 tanks gave the regiment mobility.[1]

Artillery regiments could be augmented by the addition of three more artillery battalions and a repulsorlift battalion.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Artillery regiment organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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