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Two R2-series astromech droids do battle in a typical scene.

During their period in the service of Thall Joben and Jord Dusat, this series was described by C-3PO as "Artoo's favorite program." On Ingo, the program could be picked up on a standard subspace receiver.

It detailed the adventures of a group of blue and white R2-series astromech droids, who were distinguishable by their headgear. The apparent protagonist wore a broad-brimmed white hat, while the antagonist wore a similar black hat. A third character wore a colorful feathered headdress. The storyline of one episode involved the R2 unit with the white hat fighting the R2 unit with the black hat, and later smoking a pipe with the unit wearing the feathered headdress.


A more peaceful scene from later in the episode.

Though the program was R2-centric, it was also popular among non-astromechs. C-3PO once suggested watching the program with Kea Moll in order to relax. Vlix Oncard also enjoyed the program.

Behind the scenesEdit

This "show within a show" was an obvious parody of 20th century Western serials.


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