The Artorias resistance was a resistance cell established on Artorias. They resisted the Yuuzhan Vong occupation during and after the Battle of Artorias. It was led by the Artorian king, Caled Galfridian, from a hidden base at the bottom of the Great Sea of Artorias.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Artorian king, Caled Galfridian had a hidden base established on the bottom of the Great Sea of Artorias to defend against a possible attack by the Empire. However, the war ended before it could be used.[4]

In 25 ABY the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong attacked the planet. Artorias was unprepared and quickly defeated. Many Artorians were killed or captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, while the New Republic managed to evacuate many others. King Galfridian, unwilling to leave his planet behind, chose to stay behind with a small group.[1] Among them was Dulac, who was wounded and captured before the group reached their hidden base.[1][5]

From their hidden base the Artorias resistance disrupted the Vongforming of the planet by blowing up Yuuzhan Vong structures and killing many of the Yuuzhan Vong sentries in the process. Despite the Yuuzhan Vong's thorough search methods they could not put an end to the resistance's attacks. Replacements were needed for the dead sentries and guards from the slaveship Tsam P'ah were sent, which lead to a revolt aboard the ship. At the same time the resistance group managed to free Dulac and bring him to their hidden base.[3]

Meanwhile, Finn Galfridian had learned Dulac actually was a Yuuzhan Vong wearing an ooglith masquer and raced back to Artorias.[4][2] He was too late, however, as Dulac had already revealed himself to the king and attacked him.[2]


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