Arturo was a Human male King of the planet Orocco during the Galactic Civil War. In 2 ABY, his daughter Mi was kidnapped by a small band of criminals led by Grintlok, who demanded ransom in exchange for her release. Unfortunately, at the same time Emperor Palpatine seized control of Orocco, and all Arturo's wealth was gone overnight. Having no way to repay the debt, he turned to a criminal mastermind Raze, who considered Arturo to be his friend, or at least pretended to. Raze sent a bounty hunter Dust, who tracked the kidnappers to the planet of Cataalda. Raze and Arturo arrived at the planet only to find that a third party—a smuggler Han Solo—had already rescued the princess and was glad to return her to her father. Arturo generously offered Solo Mi's hand in marriage, but Han already had another princess on his hands, so he chose to refuse the offer.


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