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"Enough of this charade!"
―Artus Imperial warden[src]

The Artus Imperial warden was stationed at the Imperial mining facility on Artus Prime, which was based primarily on slave labor. The warden was in possession of access codes to the main security doors.


During the Battle of Artus Prime, New Republic mercenary agent Kyle Katarn captured the warden and forced him to unlock the doors, allowing the liberated prisoners to escape to a landing pad. As soon as the warden had punched in the code, he grabbed an E-11 blaster rifle from a compartment in the wall, and called for a group of stormtroopers to help him overcome Katarn. The warden and all of the stormtroopers were killed in the shootout.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The warden is canonical, appearing in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, but has never been named. He is referred to in the game as the "Warden". He was voiced by Guy Siner.

According to the tabulation of Imperial Navy rank plaques seen in The Essential Guide to Warfare, this officer may have held the line rank of Rear Admiral and the position of either Admiral, Commodore or Commander.

Though this character died, his character model is used many times in other missions.