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Aryn Leneer
Aryn Leneer
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Old Republic era[1]


Ven Zallow[1]

Aryn Leneer was a female Human Jedi Knight and former Padawan of Master Ven Zallow. Leneer was immensely talented in the ways of the Force and was particularly noted for her proficiency in Force empathy. When the Sacking of Coruscant occurred, Leneer fled Alderaan against the wishes of the Jedi High Council, sought the man responsible for the death of her master and fought him in a vicious duel; Darth Malgus. The Sith Lord eventually subdued her with his powers but spared her life. The Jedi High Council disowned Leneer for her actions.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Ven Zallow JMGD

Leneer's Master, Ven Zallow.

A Force-sensitive Human orphaned on the planet Balmorra, Aryn Leneer was discovered by Jedi Master Ven Zallow at an early age and taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for induction into the Jedi Order and training in the ways of the Force. Zallow took over Leneer's training immediately, and she quickly learned that her life was to be dedicated solely to the Order and its teachings. Overtime, Leneer developed a strong, emotional bond with Master Zallow, as she perceived him not only as a teacher, but as a father.[1] Leneer constructed multiple lightsabers; her first one was a blue-bladed lightsaber, another one was a yellow-hued bladed lightsaber, and the last one was a green-bladed lightsaber.

Great Galactic WarEdit

Comrade of Havoc SquadEdit

Leneer was eventually made a Jedi Knight and was a member of Havoc Squad with Zeerid Korr in the early days of the Great Galactic War as she fought against the Sith Empire on behalf of the Galactic Republic. A formidable and well honed combatant with a lightsaber she was well respected by her squad mates. Aside from her skill with a lightsaber, Leneer developed her innate empathic abilities during the war, using it to booster morale among her comrades. Although she never consumed alcohol she would go to the cantinas with Havoc Squad after battles and training being a steadfast comrade and friend and would often be the shoulder to cry on after a nights hard drinking. Leneer, in particular, bonded with Korr when she aided him in coping with the death of his wife and the crippling of his daughter.[1]

Treaty of CoruscantEdit

When the Imperial fleet invaded the planet Alderaan, Leneer fought alongside the Alderaanian armed forces to hold off the Imperial attack. Wielding her lightsaber and the Force, Leneer fought besides Jedi Knight Satele Shan and helped turn the tide in order to repel the invasion. When Alderaan was secured, Leneer joined Jedi Shan as part of the Republic's delegation for the signing of a peace treaty with the Sith Empire. Led by Master Dar'Nala and Senator Paran Am-Ris, Leneer was stationed within the High Council building on Alderaan with fellow Knight Syo Bakarn when she detected her former master's death through the Force. Indeed, the Sith had betrayed the Republic and attacked Coruscant, leading to the death of Master Zallow and many other Jedi.[1]

Leneer vs Malgus JMGD

Leneer duel against Malgus

After a brief outburst involving an attack on members of the Sith delegation, Leneer retired to her room where she managed to escape the High Council building and depart for Eeseen spaceport. Despite being spotted by Jedi Vollen Sor and his Padawan Keevo, Leneer managed to secure passage off planet and attach herself to Zeerid Korr on the planet Vulta. Hitching a ride aboard the Fatman, Leneer made it to Coruscant as part of her mission to discover her master's killer. Finding the Jedi Temple in ruins, Leneer pieced together the clues as to her master's killer, discovering that it was the dread Darth Malgus who had led the attack. Luring Malgus back to the ruins of the Temple, Leneer entered into a fierce duel with the Sith Lord, and following a lengthy display of athleticism, she left the battle early. Leneer, who was full of hate at that time, thought she could inflict more pain by killing Malgus' lover, Eleena Daru. After she let go of her excess anger and hunger for revenge, Leneer decided to spare the Twi'lek and face Malgus one last time. After a quick skirmish that was initially favoring Leneer, Malgus used his Force powers to overpower the Jedi, and end the battle. However, noticing how Daru had been spared, the Sith stopped short of killing the Jedi.[1]


For disobeying the Jedi High Council, Leneer was disowned from the Order though the option for her to rejoin was possibly open; records of Grand Master Satele Shan suggest that Leneer tendered her official resignation to the Order.[2] Aryn reunited with her long-time friend and former Republic officer, Zeerid Korr, who permanently settled on Dantooine.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit


Korr and Leneer took a leap from the burning Fatman.

Being an empath, emotions of every range were a daily part of Leneer's life. This gave her the unique ability to personalize with those she interacted with. She laughed easily and earnestly among friends and consoled those whose lives were filled with pain or sadness. She was a steadfast friend and and would stick by her companions during hard times as she proved by neither questioning or abandoning Zeerid Korr when she found out that he was smuggling engspice for the Exchange. She could also give in to her own emotions as when her anger over Master Zallow's death nearly overwhelmed her, but in the end she was able to keep true to herself.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Aryn Leneer was extraordinarily talented in the ways of the Force and a remarkably skilled duelist.[1]

Leneer demonstrated impressive telekinetic abilities. In one encounter, she swept two Sith adepts off their feet with a powerful wave of energy and send them crashing in to a pair of large statues which shattered into chunks from the impact of her power. Leneer could also use her telekinetic abilities to disarm her opponents; in one encounter, she telekinetically forced the lightsaber from the grip of one of the Sith adepts into her own grip, disarming him in the process; in another encounter, she disarmed a skilled shooter Eleena Daru with her telekinetic abilities. Leneer was even able to seize control of a lightsaber based attack aimed for her from Darth Malgus's mental grasp with her telekinetic abilities mid-flight. Furthermore, Leneer could also hurl large objects like missiles towards her targets with her telekinetic abilities; in one encounter, she hurled six cars of a cargo tram towards her targets with a gesture but barely an effort.[1]

Leneer demonstrated impressive defensive abilities. During her confrontation with Sith on Alderaan, she was able to deflect a powerful wave of energy from one of the Sith adepts (aimed for her) with a gesture in such a way that the wave of energy split into two with one-half toppling additional large statues nearby and other-half sending the other Sith adept packing ten paces away from her original position. During a confrontation with Malgus, Leneer comfortably deflected the shrapnel flying around her from the resultant destruction of stones from his impact on the ground with her defensive abilities. In addition, Leneer survived a dive from the space onto the rooftop of one of the skyscrapers in Coruscant (from 50 km height) without the use of any parachute, using the Force in remarkable ways to slow down her descent from terminal velocity speeds and protecting herself and her companion in the process, preventing her and her companion's death upon landing on the building. On another occasion, Leneer used her power to slow down the descent and cushion the landing of a dropship in which she was present. Even though Malgus was able to overwhelm Leneer with his telekinetic abilities, sending her crashing into objects on several occasions during their confrontations, she was able to use her defensive abilities to blunt the impact of crash and prevent injuries to her on each occasion.[1]

Leneer often used the Force to augment her speed and physical actions such as acrobatic maneuvers during duels and even leap across obstacles such as walls several meters high. During burst of speed, Leneer could perceive and react in the environment around her so fast that even a millisecond would seem to pass like a minute to her, having ample time to perform an action in a span of millisecond. To human eyes, she would appear as a blur of motion, existing simultaneously in multiple places.[1]

Leneer was gifted in the use of Force empathy, a talent that earned her the title of "Force Empath." This talent made it possible for Leneer to perceive her surroundings with great clarity and detail irrespective of the complexity factor. On the basis of this talent, Leneer managed to strengthen her bond with her Jedi Master Ven Zallow to such a degree that she was able feel her master's pain as he died from a lightsaber wound he suffered at the hands of Malgus. Leneer was even able to perceive the exact point where the lightsaber had pierced her late Jedi Master. Leneer could also use this talent to perceive emotions of other beings on planetary scale by significantly amplifying her own senses; she performed this feat on Coruscant.[1]

Leneer also understood most droidspeak.[1]



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