"You're...letting me live. Why would you do that?"
"Someone needs to."
―Asa, questioning his sparing by Darth Maul[src]

Asa Naga was a member of Black Sun, in which he was an enforcer for Vigo Darnada.


Massacre on Darnada's StationEdit

During his career as an enforcer for Darnada, Asa Naga and his partner Gargachykk met up with Darth Maul in a hangar while searching for a debtor. He was persuaded to lead Maul to the Vigo unaware of the identity and mission of the tattooed Zabrak. When Maul began to massacre the Black Sun guards, Naga tried to shoot Maul but was unable to bring himself to fire. He was the only being Darth Maul allowed to escape the massacre and, soon after, the destruction of Deep Space Demolition and Removal.

Events on Ralltiir and deathEdit

Naga fled to Ralltiir in a stolen ship to inform Black Sun head Alexi Garyn of the attack, unaware that Darth Maul had let him live only to track him to the Black Sun leaders. Alexi Garyn abandoned him to be slain by Maul in a futile attempt to buy himself time to escape the Massacre. Naga's body had no apparent lightsaber marks on it, so he may have been crushed against the bars that Garyn closed in an attempt to stop Maul, or he may even have died of terror-induced heart attack as Maul slew everyone else in the room.

Behind the scenesEdit

Naga physically resembles a Wroonian or Pantoran, but his species has not been identified.