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Ash'ett was a member of the Intendant caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. When the Yuuzhan Vong conquered Coruscant and Vongformed the planet into Yuuzhan'tar, Ash'ett was appointed Prefect of Vishtu. Nom Anor, an old rival, felt Ash'ett was greedy, self-serving, and secular—much like Nom Anor himself. When Nom Anor took up the mantle of Yu'shaa, he had Ngaaluh place Shamed Ones spreading the Jeedai heresy among his household. When Supreme Overlord Shimrra learned that Ash'ett had heretics among his household, the Dread Lord ordered that Ash'ett and every member of his immediate family to be sacrificed and thrown to the yargh'un pit.

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