"Nya! We were told to stay here!"
"I am walking the warrior path, Mother! I can't just sit here doing nothing. I have to try to help!"
―Rakshu and Ashu-Nyamal[src]

Ashu-Nyamal, also known as Nya, was a Mahran female who was the Firstborn of Ashu, a prominent bloodline of Mahran during the Clone Wars. She was the daughter of Rakshu and the older sister of Teegu and Kamu.


During the Clone Wars, the government of Mahranee decided to side with the Galactic Republic. Count Dooku wanted the planet's rich resources for the Separatists, so he ordered a bombing of the planet and the murder of all Mahran. Nya and her family were on one of the many ships being lead to safety by Jedi General Chubor. During the attack on the ships from the Separatists cruiser's, she raced to the cockpit to see what she could do to help, even though she knew that they were doomed. When she arrived in the cockpit she saw General Chubor pleading with Count Dooku to spare the lives of the innocent civilians. The Count claimed that there are no innocents in war, then ordered the cruisers to finish off the Mahran ships. From the cockpit they saw one ship explode in front of them, then Chubor turned around and stared into her eyes. That was the last thing she ever saw as her ship was destroyed next.[1]


The transmission was being transmitted to the Jedi High Council as well as Dooku, and Yoda remarked that Nya would never be forgotten for her bravery.[1]

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