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Askaj was the home planet of the Askajians in the Outer Rim Territories, far off the Rimma Trade Route. The planet had one moon, the Moon Lady, whom the people worshiped as a deity.


There was no form of central government on Askaj, but rather tribal societies. Technology was not very advanced on the planet, compared to other parts of the galaxy.

Tomuon were central to the lives of the Askajians who used them for food, shelter, fabric, and other items.


The planet was under the administration of Grand Moff Wilkadon, whose oppression provoked many Askajians to relocate to Tatooine.[1] Sometime after the Battle of Endor, the planet was liberated by the New Republic.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Star Wars Character Encyclopedia lists the planet as "Askaji".



Notes and referencesEdit

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