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This article is about the droid series. You may be looking for the strike cruiser.

ASP-series droids, also known as asp droids, were general-purpose labor droids manufactured by Industrial Automaton and found throughout the galaxy.


Labor droids

An ASP-7 droid on Tatooine

Simple-minded droids, the ASPs were strictly working droids and nothing more. Their vocabulary, likely a variant on CBell-1, consisted of only "Yes/Affirmative" and "No/Negative". The most common of these models was the ASP-7 labor droid, which stood at 1.6 meters. The Prefect of Mos Eisley kept a large number of ASP-7s throughout the settlement, such as ASP-704.

A more advanced model, the ASP-19 battle droid, was used by Darth Vader to hone his lightsaber dueling skills.


Because of its low price, this droid was usually known for being an individual's first droid, and was encouraged by its company in hopes that buyers would buy R-series Astromechs and SE4 servant droids.

Because of its two word answering system, affirmative and negative, attempting to gain information from these droids was reported as a maddening game of "guess my secret."


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