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The assassin droid speeder was a type of Speeder bike used by IG-86 sentinel droids during the Clone Wars.

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The Speeder bike had two seats, one for a gunner and one for a pilot. It had two long fins coming from the back and two missile launchers. The droids would attach their Blasters to the Speeder bike.


One such speeder was used by a group of IG-86 sentinel droids hired by Count Dooku to hunt down R2-D2 and acquire the Republic secrets hidden within him.

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In December 2008, this speeder was released by LEGO in the 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack and it included five IG-86 sentinel droids, three silver and two black (elite). They were added to the Star Wars universe in the non-canon LEGO comic, "A clone by any other name".



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