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In 3954 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Nyriss arranged for a series of assassination attempts against herself in order to draw suspicion away from the conspiracy against the Sith Emperor. There were, in total a set of 2 assassination attempts she constructed against herself. These attempts were set up in order to draw suspicion away from her, they were framed to look as if a set of rebels had made the attempts, but with further investigation would show that Darth Xedrix was behind the attacks. Darth Xedrix was a dark council member who was also a part of the Conspiracy against the Sith Emperor although, in Nyriss's point of view he was an old member, and well past his prime, relying on manipulation in order to keep his place on the council.He was also an old rival to Nyriss thus, making him the most likely to be sacrificed in order to keep the Nathema conspiracy a secret. Sent by the Sith Emperor himself, Lord Scourge , accompanied by one of Nyriss's most trusted advisors, Satchell was sent to discover the source of the attempts. Eventually this lead them to Darth Xedrix who Lord Scourge executed upon Darth Nyriss's command.



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