Assault was the military arm of CompForce. Recruits were drawn from the Sub-Adult Group, and trained through attrition. Eighty-eight percent of all recruits failed to graduate from Assault's training programs, and of this number, one quarter were fatalities. Assault's training methods instilled a strong sense of unit cohesion within its troops, alongside a willingness to fight on despite heavy casualties. While all Assault personnel were rabidly loyal to the New Order, Assault's training methods ensured that the soldiers were a mixture of those with natural combat abilities, and those that they extremely lucky to survive training.[1]

It cost less to train an Assault trooper than it did to train the equivalent Imperial Army soldier, but the sheer number of trainees ensured that the graduates were not taught vital combat skills. The lack of training was highlighted in the field, as Assault solders fared poorly against well-trained troops and took higher than necessary casualties. However, the Galactic Empire did not care about the casualties incurred. Assault soldiers were derided by the regular military for their abilities, but some units lasted long enough to gain experience and train themselves to be better soldiers. These veterans subsequently passed on their knowledge to the new recruits joining their ranks, and began to gain a well deserved reputation as fearsome enemies.[1]


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