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The Assault Gunboat combat medallion was an Imperial starfighter pilot medal awarded for completing basic training with Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings. It had an engraving of an Imperial Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing.

There were three versions of the medal, which differed only in the type of metals used to create the medal: bronze, silver, and gold. The bronze version was awarded to those pilots who completed training relating to the Star Wing's shield projectors as well as using its capabilities in conjunction with a starfighter screen to accomplish a mission's objectives. The silver version was awarded to those pilots who completed training relating to the above as well as a reenactment of an operation dealing with a search-and-destroy against a Rebel frigate against an onslaught of Rebel forces. The gold version was presented to those pilots who completed the above training operations as well as a reenactment of an escort mission involving the group Rugle.

Known recipientsEdit

Maarek Stele, who received all three versions of this medal after completing the training ops relating to the Star Wing shortly after it and the TIE/ad starfighter line entered mass production.


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