An assault battalion was a formation of the Imperial Army.


Commanded by a Major, an assault battalion was comprised of a single line company, 2 assault companies, and a repulsorlift company, with the attendant battalion headquarters and support personnel. One assault company was always fully equipped, with the average battalion numbering around 868 personnel, 628 of which were combat personnel supported by thirty-one repulsorcraft. Assault battalions were often employed in urban environments, and were commonly employed as vanguard units for large-scale operations. Assault battalions were given priority over line battalions when it came to fire-support requests, and the battalion was occasionally reorganized so that the fully equipped assault company were carried by elements of the repulsorlift company. [1]

Assault battalions could be augmented by the addition of a line company, an additional assault company, an extra repulsorlift company, and an artillery battery.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Assault battalion organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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