During the Kymoodon Era an assault was made on the planet Lexrul in the Trax sector by raiders backed by Hutts. The raiders successfully captured slaves although some colonists on the planet escaped. Those that did escape then witnessed a clan battle fought using cybernetically enhanced slave berserkers. The assault was included in a report made to try and warn people of the dangers of colonizing the rimward terriotes. The report was stored in a government archive on the planet Belasco, which was rediscovered in 5 ABY. The rediscovery lead to Thunys Albegron, an academician of Popular Studies, to mention the assault during the Conference on Popular Entertainment held on the planet Obroa-skai in 6 ABY.[1]

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The assault was first mentioned in the 2014 fifth entry in the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut series of posts by Jason Fry on the blog. The article featured content cut from The Essential Guide to Warfare a book released in 2012 by Fry.


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