"From the looks on your faces I’d advise against perusing the Belascoan Archive Report — my summary of it is, if anything, too gentle. But there were the occasional triumphs amid terror — and Parcovey Minor was one of them."
―Albegron speaks about the assault many years later[src]

During the Kymoodon Era, forces backed by the Hutt Utoradii kajidic assaulted the planet Parcovey Minor in the hope of enslaving a group of colonists settled there. Thanks to a tip off the Belasco Free Volunteers managed to reach the planet and defend it from the raiders, capturing or killing them all. The colonists and volunteers then traveled to Affavan to take vengeance on the Hutts. A Holodrama was made depicting the events of the assault centuries after it occurred.


"According to the Archive Report, a captured Jilruan pirate told the authorities on Belasco of the planned raid on Parcovey Minor."
―Albegron speaks about the assault many years later[src]

During the Kymoodon Era, the Utoradii Hutt kajidic backed a number of raids against planets beyond the frontier with the aim of capturing slaves. A Jilruan pirate learned of plans for the next Hutt backed attack which was aimed at capturing a group of nerf herding colonists on the planet Parcovey Minor. The pirate was captured however and informed authorities on the planet Belasco of the upcoming assault, giving the Belasco Free Volunteers time to mobilise and rush to Parcovey Minor's aid.[1]

The assaultEdit

"The Belasco Free Volunteers rushed to the colony’s defense and were hiding on several ranches when a barque filled with Klatooinian and Weequay raiders attacked."
―Albegron speaks about the assault many years later[src]

The volunteers reached the planet before the Hutt forces and managed to hide in several of the colonists' ranches. When the Hutt forces did arrive they consisted of a barque full of Weequay and Klatooinian raiders whom the volunteers managed to kill or capture all of. The volunteers also captured the starships of the raiders.[1]


"So no, Novan Nune never faced Huska the Hutt in single combat. But there really was a tale of triumph involving Parcovey Minor, Republic colonists, and some very surprised Hutts getting what they deserved."
―Albegron speaks about the assault many years later[src]

The defending forces interrogated the raiders and discovered that it was the Utoradii who were behind the attack. Taking the captured starships they traveled to the planet Affavan where the Hutts expected slaves from the raids to be delivered. There they found the Utoradii at a parlay-feast with the Vijilakii kajidic and took vengeance on the slavers. A report including information about the assault was stored in a government archive on Belasco following the battle.[1]

In the year 114 BBY an episode of the Holodrama series True Tales of the Ancient Republic was released based loosely on the events surrounding the battle. The episode, titled Episode XXIV: Death on the Rim, depicted the raiders successfully capturing the colonists in the assault only for the Sector Ranger Novan Nune, a fictional character, to travel to Affavan to save them. In 6 ABY the Academician of Popular Studies Thunys Albegron spoke about the differences between the episode and reality at the Conference on Popular Entertainment on Obroa-skai.[1]

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The assault was first mentioned in the 2014 fifth entry in the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut series of posts by Jason Fry on the blog. The article featured content cut from The Essential Guide to Warfare a book released in 2012 by Fry.


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