In 3630 BBY, towards the end of the Revolt against the Eternal Empire, Empress Vaylin and SCORPIO led an assault on the Gravestone, while the Alliance was disorientated by the supposed death of its commander.[5]

After Vaylin and SCORPIO took control of the bridge and captured the crew, Koth Vortena called the Alliance for help. While their fleet engaged the Eternal Fleet, the commander boarded the Gravestone with Lana Beniko, where they disabled a quantum bomb Vortena had rigged to the ship and confronted Vaylin. During the fight with Vaylin in the depths of the ship, Valkorion intervened and activated the mental conditioning he had programmed into her years earlier.[6]

After the Gravestone was saved, the battle ended when SCORPIO took control of the combat frigate, along with the entire Eternal Fleet, and took them to the mysterious planet Iokath.[7]


Following the Invasion of Voss, the Outlander travelled to Dromund Kaas to discuss a potential alliance with Empress Acina. In a bid to seize control of the Alliance, former Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh collaborated with Minister Lorman to assassinate the Empress and Commander as part of her power play. While the plan ultimately failed, it left the Outlander and Acina stranded in the jungles of Dromund Kaas.

SCORPIO delivered news of the assassination to Vaylin, but the Empress quickly debunked the rumour, stating she could still sense Valkorion's presence. SCORPIO informed the Empress that the news of its commander's supposed assassination had thrown the Alliance into disarray, providing a perfect time for them to strike. Vaylin stated that the Outlander's absence did not make Odessen any less vulnerable, but SCORPIO stated that the target wasn't Odessen, but the Gravestone.



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