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Assault trooper

An Imperial assault trooper squad leader

Assault troopers were a variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. They wore standard white stormtrooper armor with yellow markings. With the yellow markings, the armor somewhat resembled the armor worn by Phase I Clone trooper commanders.

Assault Troopers were known to assault key Rebel Alliance bases, carry out head on attacks, escorts and usually found themselves combating Rebel SpecForces on a few occasions when ambushed. They were notable for their fierce brutality in the Battle of Restuss.[source?]

This type of soldier was constantly tasked with launching full-scale invasions of enemy planets and cities. Troopers of this variant specialized in full frontal assaults, open confrontations and search and destroy missions, sending in massive battalions at a time.[source?]

Despite the fierce reputation of Assault Troopers, they were quite vulnerable to the Rebel Alliance's guerrilla warfare tactics, they were favored by hit-and-run attacks organized by Rebel commandos.[source?]



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