Ast Kikorie Station was a space station in orbit above the planet Ast Kikorie.


The station was devoted to astrocartographic research. The funds for the station were provided by Alsakan interests, as several investors were interested in the research that could come out of such a project. Unfortunately, the station was destroyed in a meteorite shower and many of the inhabitants were killed in the station's descent into the atmosphere. The wreckage became something of an archaeological dig sometime later, due to rumors surrounding both the Ayrou Tessent and the Alsakan Tessent. Due to the Alsakan interests in the station, it was thought that a former Guard of Aldera had come to the world with the stolen Tessent, taking up residence on the station, and perishing when it was destroyed. In reality, the Guard of Aldera had actually been onboard a small shuttle when the meteorite shower hit, and his craft had crashed some distance away from the station's wreckage. However, whether he actually had the tessent in his possession is unknown.

The rumors surrounding the Ayrou Tessent's arrival at the station were less plausible. The theory was based on the fact that at the time of the tessent's disappearance, the farthest any Ayrou unmanned drone had reached was Ast Kikorie. This fact coupled with the assumed desire by the thief to send the tessent as far away from Maya Kovel as possible, may have attributed to the tessent's arrival at the station. However, this theory was thought as very unlikely, and the tessent's presence on the station would have been a shock to any explorer.


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