Astarta was a female Hapan privateer and personal guard of Prince Isolder.


Astarta aided Isolder during his hunt for "pirate king" Harravan.[1] After the capture of Harravan, Astarta remained with Isolder as the leader of his security detail. During the Battle of Dathomir, Astarta commanded a Battle Dragon. It was also Astarta's investigation that revealed Ta'a Chume as the source behind the murder of both Isolder's brother Kalen and Lady Ellian, his first love.[2]

During the course of their relationship, Astarta fell in love with Isolder, which made her all the more efficient as his bodyguard. He was aware of her affections, though he did not return them.

By 25 ABY, Captain Astarta had retired from her post, but remained a close friend of Isolder's.[3]

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