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Asteroid Base was a secret Alliance to Restore the Republic base dug into the surface of the asteroid Orflon, near the Demophon system. It was the only rebel base near the Demophon system during the Galactic Civil War. During the period just prior to the Demophon supernova, Asteroid Base coordinated efforts to evacuate rebel agents and others from the system. The base was commanded by Colonel Erlick Frodar, and was staffed by fourteen pilots, eighteen gunners, twenty hangar control/ground crew, twelve weapon support crew, thirty technicians, three communications specialists, a dozen commandos, seven command staff, and thirteen droids. There were also over a hundred evacuees from Demophon.[1]

Armament for the base included two turbolasers and three laser batteries. Asteroid Base also maintained a force of starships and starfighters comprised of two X-wing starfighters, two BTL Y-wing starfighters, a Gallofree Yards, Inc. GR-75 medium transport, and three light freighters. The base complement also included three Quarren mining laser platforms and two Slayn & Korpil Plasma-Jet Mole Miner.[1]


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