Astrogation gazetteer

An astrogation gazetteer

An astrogation gazetteer (also known as galactic gazetteer) was a regularly-published journal which described the astrogation parameters required to fly from any planet to another planet. It kept track of realspace and hyperspace positionings of spatial bodies, and details of average trip durations.[1] Typically, the times given were for military starship with a Class One hyperdrive, while many civilian starcruisers had much slower Class Three hyperdrives. Time estimates were given as d=standard days and h=standard hours.[2]

In general, the greater the distance between planets, the longer the trip took. However, systems in close proximity to one another sometimes required alternative hyperlanes because of space debris, traffic, or stellar hazards such as the Hoth asteroid field. The journey from Coruscant to Alderaan required 16 hours due to the route crossing through a portion of the Deep Core, a small region that was largely uncharted.[3] In some cases, it was possible to find roundabout routes or travel via intermediate systems as a shortcut.[3]


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