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Astroport Interstellar Services was a section at a spaceport owned by the travel agency Star Tours in 4.3 ABY. ROX-N acted as the information kiosk staffer to the entrance to the area. In this section were Photomorph booths, a question and answer program known as Orakel, and arcade games Bop a Zot and Starcourse.

Behind the scenesEdit

Astroport Interstellar Services EE

ROX-N at Astroport Interstellar Services

Astroport Interstellar Services, or L'Astroport Services Interstellaires in French, was a location exclusive to the Disneyland Paris version of Star Tours, which effectively acted as a video arcade for those who finished the ride. When IBM discontinued its sponsorship of the attraction in 2005, it became a traditional video game arcade.



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