This article is about the Expansion Region moon. You may be looking for the similarly named world of Artorias.

Asturias was a factory moon in the Expansion Region that had been abandoned by the time of the Clone Wars. The nearby sun had turned into a red giant, and its radiation rose to limits too dangerous for prolonged exposure for both biological and mechanical existence. Its sand-covered surface was littered with the decaying hulks of ships and buildings.



The surface of Asturias.

During the war, Director Lorca Oviedo attempted to defect to the Confederacy of Independent Systems by staging an attack on himself and his clone commando escorts near and on the moon. Due to the clone commandos' efficiency the plan failed, though all but one of the commandos were killed. The last one, RC-2088, succeeded in taking off the moon, along with Oviedo.

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The Principality of Asturias is a region in Spain which includes the city of Avilés. Ian Edginton used this name in "Honor Bound" after he went to the Salón del Cómic de Avilés, a Spanish Comic Con. Other names influenced by Edginton's visit were Lorca Oviedo and Aviles Prime.



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