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Atai Molec was the Zygerrian male Prime Minister to Queen Miraj Scintel during the Clone Wars. He was also captain of the royal guards.


During the Clone Wars, Atai Molec and Count Dooku spoke with Commander Darts D'Nar about his last shipment of Kiros's colonists. Molec was surprised that D'Nar had not left yet. As Republic Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi entered to speak with D'Nar, Molec growled when Dooku introduced him to Kenobi.[1]

As Molec was about to whip one his slaves, he was stopped by a slave. He then saw the slave's master in Zygerrian armor and that he flew one of their ships. At first, Molec was distrusful of him when he demanded to speak to the Queen about Bruno Denturri. However, Molec brought in the man known as Lars Quell before the queen. Molec was then told that a man in Zygerrian armor had tried to free one of the enslaved colonists. Molec then realized that it was Kenobi. Molec then brought Kenobi before the Queen to punish him for the Jedi's crimes against their empire. However, Molec, the Queen and their guards were then attack by Quell and his slave, who revealed themselves to be Skywalker and his apprentice, Ahsoka. Though he was knocked, Molec, the Queen and their guards were then able to subdue the Jedi. Molec was then promised that after the Queen had tamed Skywalker, Tano would be his slave to do with whatever he desired. Molec was then pushed off a precipice by Tano. Molec then punished by shocking her.[3]

Molec then invited Dooku to Zygerria to speak with the Queen about her defiance in not killing Skywalker. When the Queen refused, Molec agreed with Dooku about killing the Jedi (except for Tano) and that Scintel was unfit to be queen. Molec then stood by as Dooku Force-choked her.[4]



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