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"There's still enough explosive in this fuse to take out half of Mos Eisley!"
―Anonymous Aeropteryx[src]

Atmospheric phase-change detonators were detonation devices for the Imperial-class M-12 sweep bomb in the Imperial Navy, defunct by 4 ABY due to a near ten percent failure rate in the field. Spherical in shape with two off-center cylindrical protrusions, the detonator remained a potent explosive device even after being removed from its bomb host, with only three tiny illuminated red LEDs on its thumbnail-sized read out showing whether it was active or not. Even then only a sentient with experience could spot a dud. Manufactured by a sub-contractor on Kuat through the Kuat Drive Yards, each production ran into numbers of 250,000, serial designations below the twelve-million mark being reserved by KDY for testing on their heavy cruisers and destroyers' munitions storage chambers. Though they were replaced by the Empire for an integrated gravity-wave system encased inside the main explosive, the lone detonators managed to find their way into the hands of others.


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