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Atraken was a doonium rich planet conquered by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Galactic Republic tried to liberate it in 22 BBY and were only successful through a series of strikes called Operation Katabatic nearly a year later. The Separatists engaged in a "poisoned well" policy, releasing a biochemical plague into the planet's water table that killed 90% of the population. The survivors mostly relocated to Trilos, if not to other neighboring worlds. Thrynka Padaunete blamed the disaster on the Jedi.

The once beautiful planet had been left a desolate, bombed-out husk by the second year of the Clone Wars after eleven months of fighting. Its oceans, those that hadn't boiled away, are now large bodies of poisonous water and the poisonous air carries what remains of the chemical weapons that were used. The only life forms capable of living on Atraken are the 'diehards'; large burrowing insects that have adapted to eating the poison.



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