Attack of the Clones: Incredible Cross-Sections

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Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross Sections
Attribution information

Curtis Saxton


Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore


DK: Simon Beecroft, John Kelly
Lucasfilm: Jonathan W. Rinzler, Iain R. Morris

Publication information

DK Publishing

Publication date

April 23, 2002


Hardcover, Paperback



Aotc-crosssections Pl

Polish - Atak Klonów: Niesamowite Przekroje

Attack of the Clones: Incredible Cross Sections, or AOTC:ICS, is the third installment of DK's Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections series. It was written by Dr. Curtis John Saxton and illustrated by Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore.

Incredible Cross Sections (generally known as ICS) is a series of illustrated books that, as the name implies, provide cross sections of various vehicles and ships. Descriptive text is also provided, both of the vessel and related trivia.

It targets grades 4 to 8 according to the Library Journal, a respected source of rating and evaluation of play books for youngsters as well as serious publications for adults. The Library Journal praised Attack of the Clones: Incredible Cross Sections.

Unique to all the ICS series, the Attack of the Clones book features detailed statistics in SI units on the represented vehicles. Common statistics include "maximum accelerations," measured in G's; shield dissipation rates and maximum power generation in watts; and weapons yield, sometimes measured in tons of TNT.

Much to the disappointment of some fans, the next book in the series, Revenge of the Sith: Incredible Cross-Sections, did not include as detailed or as explicit statistics.


The book is 32 pages long, and covers a range of topics and ships of various sizes:

  • Introduction
    • Technology
      • Energy Weapons
      • Power Sources
      • Shields
      • Hyperspace
      • Gravity Technology
  • Naboo Cruiser
    • Lesson Learned
    • Reliable Transport
    • In-Flight Support
    • Daring Assassination
    • Data File
  • Zam's Airspeeder
    • ASN-121-Assassination/Sentry Droid
    • Wilderness Hardware
    • Dirty Technology
    • Data File
  • Anakin's Airspeeder
    • Symbol of Extravagance
    • Trust-Ducts
    • Unique Engine Layout
    • Data File
  • Jedi Starfighter
    • Stoical Droid
    • Ancient Icon
    • Privileged Network Scout
    • Monastic Attire
    • Foretaste of Success
    • Data File
  • Slave I
    • Interior Refit
    • Devastating Assets
    • Bad for Business
    • Data File
  • Owen Lars' Swoop bike
    • Harsh Territory
    • Data File
  • Padmé's Starship
    • Inconspicuous Transport
    • Respected Naberrie
    • Security Sensitivity
    • Stealthy Approach
    • Data File
  • Trade Federation Core Ship
    • Vertical Organization
    • Standard Part
    • New Ally
    • Hyperplane Control
    • Data File
  • Geonosian starfighter
    • Flying by Nose
    • Flexible Framework
    • Modular Orbs
    • Hive Pilots
    • Data File
  • Republic Assault Ship
    • Born from Betrayal
    • Supportive Mothership
    • Shape of Things to Come
    • New Wave
    • Data File
  • Republic Gunship (Fold out)
    • Diverse Ordnance
    • Tactical Advantage
    • Survival and Recovery
    • Composite Beam Turrets
    • Scout Speeder Bikes
    • Integrated Battledress
    • Data File
  • AT-TE
    • Land Control
    • Incisive Vanguard
    • Product of Rothana
    • Effective Design
    • Data File
  • Solar Sailer
    • Sail Power
    • Sailing Heritage
    • Mysterious Antique
    • Bow Prongs
    • Ledger of War
    • Data File
    • Acknowledgements



  • Saxton,Curtis John, Hans Jenssen, Richard Chasemore Star Wars: Attack of the Clones: Incredible Cross Sections Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2002. ISBN 0789485745.


ISBN 80-7186-726-8; 2002, EGMONT ČR, 31-page Czech hardcover (Star Wars: Klony útočí. Neuvěřitelné pohledy: podrobné průřezy letounů, vozidel a plavidel Hvězdných válek: Epizody II).

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