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"Fast now! I want a clean sweep... no survivors!"
―Beilert Valance[src]

The attack on Anglebay Station was a massacre by Beilert Valance and his bounty hunters that resulted in the destruction of all droids and the death of all staff of Anglebay Station, as well as the destruction of the computer records section.


"But that's the past... I've destroyed that!"
―Beilert Valance[src]

After the Assault on Doniphon, Beilert Valance, a Sergeant Major among the Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers, was critically injured. He was treated on Anglebay Station, where half his body was replaced with cybernetics, making him a cyborg. Because of the Empire's anti-cyborg prejudice, it was the end of Valance's career, and the beginning of his fierce hatred for droids and other mechanicals, including himself.

Valance ultimately chose to become a bounty hunter. He covered his mechanical parts with synthflesh and removed any traces that might identify him as other than Human. Still, he knew records of his operation were kept in Anglebay Station's computer records section. In order to preserve his secret, those records would have to be destroyed.[2]

The battleEdit

Attack on anglebay station droids

Beilert Valance's bounty hunters destroy rounded-up droids

"We're rounding up all the robot orderlies, Captain."
"You know what to do, Slzzk [sic]."
―Slssk and Beilert Valance[src]

The attack began when Beilert Valance and his bounty hunters, including Slssk, Dafi, and Remel Fud, blasted their way through the walls of Anglebay Station. The station had no forces with which to offer resistance, and the attack soon became a massacre. Valance ordered that there be no survivors, which included all staff and patients in the in-patient bays. The droids in particular were rounded up and destroyed with extreme prejudice. Upon blasting their way into the computer records section, Valance and his hunters were confronted by a technician who told them the section contained nothing of value, and demanded Valance's reasons for the slaughter. Valance did not answer, but gunned him down while destroying the computer records, thus expunging the evidence of his cyborg nature.[2]


"You bring my lightsaber...? Good! Then Don-Wan Kihotay is ready--"
―A delirious Don-Wan Kihotay[src]

Don-Wan Kihotay, veteran of the Battle of Aduba-3 and former member of the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3, was a patient at Anglebay Station during the attack. When Slssk and Remel Fud forced their way into the in-patient bays, they found him in a delirious state, speaking of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Amaiza Foxtrain, Jaxxon, and a boy and his droid. Kihotay was referring to Jimm Doshun and FE-9Q, but the hunters and Valance mistook the reference for Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Eager to collect the bounties the Empire had placed on Skywalker and Solo, as well as kill a known friend of droids, Valance and his hunters determined to track down the Star-Hoppers.[2]


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