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Following the Battle of Yavin, the bounty hunter Chanath Cha launched an attack on Big String's fortress in the oceans of Amethia Prime in the Inner Rim. She destroyed his fortress and then pursued him through the oceans. Chanath disabled his water speeder by swimming under it and flying through the craft, disabling it. After fighting off his bodyguards, Chanath took Big String into custody. However, she dropped him into the ocean after receiving a call from Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor gave her a new assignment to recover his stolen pleasure yacht Imperialis.


During the Age of the Empire, the amphibian crime lord Big String spent twenty cycles building a criminal empire on the oceanic Inner Rim world of Amethia Prime. He built a fortress which stored the vast majority of his proceeds from various illegal activities. String also owned assets offworld. Shortly before the theft of the Emperor Palpatine's luxury yacht Imperialis, String incurred the wrath of an enemy who sent the bounty hunter Chanath Cha to destroy his empire and to bring him captive.[3]

The attackEdit

Cha fought her way into the fortress and blew it up. String managed to flee onto a water speeder with three of his bodyguards. When one of the bodyguards asked if they should return to find survivors, String told him to drive on. However, Cha followed riding rocket boots. Knowing Cha's capabilities, String urged his guard to drive faster. However, Cha swam under the water speeder and rocketed her way out through the speeder, disabling it and leaving it dead on the water.[3]

Sting and his henchmen clung to the hull of the ship. He lamented the loss of his fortress and demanded to know why she was attacking him and who she was. The bounty hunter identified herself as Chanath Cha and told String that someone out there did not like him. She attacked Sting's bodyguards and threw them into the water. When Cha faced String, he demanded to know what she was going to do to him. Cha replied that she was going to safe him from drowning if he would drop his blaster. String surrendered.[3]


After capturing String, Cha transported him by holding the hem of his trousers. String tried to bribe her but Cha countered that she had destroyed much of his wealth. Sting responded that he had offworld holdings. At that point, Cha received a message on her holoprojector. Knowing that the client was the Emperor, she dropped String into the ocean. The Emperor then tasked Cha with recovering his yacht Imperialis or destroying it if she could not recover the ship in order to keep the items inside from falling into the hands of others.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The attack on Big String's fortress first appeared in the Marvel Comics issue Lando, Part II, which was first released on August 12, 2015. The comic was written by Charles Soule, drawn by Alex Maleev, and colored by Paul Mounts.


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