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After the Dubravan female Nevana led a group of Imperial stormtroopers to a bar in the Canal District of the planet Dubrava, an altercation broke out. The stormtroopers first torched the bar with flamethrowers and then fired upon the patrons with blaster rifles, killing most of them, including Nevana. The stormtroopers were trying to capture the Human pilot Jal Te Gniev, who was recruiting for the Alliance to Restore the Republic at the bar. Gniev fled the scene, but a pair of stormtroopers found him. The Dubravan boy Bobek fired upon the stormtroopers, allowing Gniev to escape, but bringing about Bobek's death. The incident prompted Gniev to flee Dubrava to warn the Rebel hero Luke Skywalker that the Empire was after him.

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