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"How can one fighter best our entire squadron?"
―Commander Jun Sato[src]

During the Siege of Lothal, Darth Vader carried out an attack on the Phoenix rebel fleet. Earlier, the Spectres had managed to flee back to the rebel fleet in a stolen Imperial shuttle. However, the Sith Lord had secretly attached a homing beacon to it. The Sith Lord succeeded in devastating much of Phoenix Squadron and inflicting severe damage on the rebel flagship Phoenix Home. Due to the quick thinking of Hera Syndulla, the surviving rebels were able to retreat into hyperspace before Imperial reinforcements arrived.


Earlier, the Spectres had undertaken a mission to the planet Lothal to rescue the defecting Imperial Minister Maketh Tua. However, during the rescue attempt, Tua was killed and the rebels were framed for her murder by the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, one of their perennial foes. With their transport shot down, the rebels were left stranded in Lothal's Capital City. To compound their problems, the Galactic Empire had imposed a blockade of the planet in an effort to ferret the rebels out.[1]

The rebels managed to outsmart the Imperial authorities by infiltrating the Imperial Complex in Lothal's Capital City. They also managed to steal several shield generators and were about to leave on a shuttle when they were cornered by the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Kanan and Ezra could not match Vader's mastery of the Force and the rebels barely managed to escape the Imperial complex.[1]

Unable to flee offworld without alerting the Imperial fleet, the Spectres turned to Lando Calrissian for help. While offworld, the galactic entrepreneur arranged for his droid W1-LE to facilitate their escape by using sensor buoys to replicate their shuttle's signal and scatter the Imperial fleet. The Spectres managed to escape the blockade and return to the Phoenix Squadron's fleet in deep space. However, Vader had arranged for a tracking device to be planted aboard the shuttle with the intention of finding the Phoenix fleet.[1]

The battleEdit

Upon arriving back with the Phoenix fleet, the astromech droid Chopper detected a transmitter aboard their shuttle. Realizing that they were being tracked, the Spectres rushed aboard the rebel fleet's command ship Phoenix Home to warn Commander Jun Sato and Ahsoka Tano about the danger. Shortly later, Darth Vader came out of hyperspace flying his TIE Advanced x1. In response, Commander Sato launched Phoenix Squadron to deal with the intruder. However, Vader used his Force powers and starfighter skills to best the Phoenix rebels' RZ-1 A-wing interceptors. Several A-wings were shot down or damaged during the dogfight.[1]

As Vader began to attack Phoenix Home, the Spectres and Tano entered the frayed with their VCX-100 light freighter Ghost During the battle, Hera Syndulla piloted the ship while the other rebels attempted to destroy Vader, but their efforts were in vain. As the battle continued, Jarrus and Tano used their Jedi training to reach out through the Force in an attempt to discover the pilot's identity, as Tano sensed that he was strong with the Force. As they reached out, Ezra Bridger sensed the same dark feelings he felt on Lothal and realized that it was the same Sith Lord they had encountered earlier. Tano discovered something about the pilot through the Force, information that overwhelmed her with fear and pain, and she fell unconscious. She and Vader sensed one another, and Vader realized that his former Padawan Tano was still alive.[1]

Knowing that Tano was in league with the rebellion, Vader intended to capture the Ghost crew alive. As the battle neared its end, Star Destroyers entered the battle in an attempt to keep the rebel fleet from leaving. Sato and his crew abandoned Phoenix Home, which had suffered critical damage, and evacuated to the rest of the Phoenix fleet. As they evacuated and ultimately jumped into hyperspace, the Ghost made a run towards the Star Destroyers, including Admiral Kassius Konstantine's Relentless. On Vader's orders, the Relentless powered up its tractor beam to capture the Ghost as it passed between it and another Star Destroyer. Syndulla, however, had other plans. She made it through the two Star Destroyers before the tractor beams were online, leaving Vader to be caught once the beams were powered up. The Dark Lord was trapped, and the Ghost jumped into hyperspace.[1]


Following their narrow escape from the Empire, the Phoenix and Spectres were forced to come to terms with the loss of their command ship Phoenix Home. Despite the odds against them, the Spectres decided to commit to aiding the rebellion. Despite learning the identity of Darth Vader, Ahsoka did not share this information with Kanan and Ezra since she was still unable to come to terms with having to fight her former mentor Skywalker. Meanwhile, Darth Sidious was pleased to learn about the discovery of Tano and believed that she would lead them to more Jedi. Under Sidious' orders, Vader dispatched another Inquisitor to hunt the rebels down.[1]

Due to the serious losses sustained by the Phoenix fleet, Ahsoka sent the Spectres on a mission to Seelos to seek out an old friend.[4] This old friend turned out to be the former Clone Captain "Rex", who agreed to supply the rebels with information about Galactic Republic military bases in the Outer Rim Territories and on Mandalore. After fighting off an Imperial assault, Rex agreed to join the rebellion and accompanied the rebels back to the Phoenix fleet.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The attack on the Phoenix fleet first appeared in the one-hour movie Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal, which first premiered at the Celebration Anaheim on April 18, 2015. It was later released on Disney XD on June 20, 2015.



Notes and referencesEdit

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