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"Rescue workers have been working around the clock to reach some 4,000 passengers and workers who were trapped in a monorail traveling through the Pica Rim Pipeline alter a series of bombs ruptured a 4,000 kilometer section of the undersea transit tube."
―A Colonial News Nets report[src]

An attack on the Pica Rim Pipeline took place in 2 ABY on the planet Albrae-Don, during the Galactic Civil War. The terrorist group Justice Action Network bombed the Pica Rim Pipeline, a large underwater transportation system that lined the floors of the planet's oceans, in protest of the execution of its leader: Earnst Kamiel. A series of bombs ruptured and flooded a 4,000 kilometers section of the structure. Some 4,000 passengers were trapped in a monorail traveling through the Pipeline. Rescue workers were sent to save them but they were difficult to reach and the monorail was not designed to withstand the pressure of tons of water, making the passengers' situation critical.


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