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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

"Looking around, seeing family and friends… makes me want to celebrate an old family tradition. Let's kidnap an Imperial commander."
―The Smuggler[src]

Several months into the blockade of the Anoat sector by the Galactic Empire, the Uprising plotted to kidnap Commander Bragh, leader of the Purge Troopers and right-hand-man of the Imperial Governor Adelhard.[1]

Having leaked that Riley and her sibling the Smuggler, two young scoundrels with an Imperial death mark on their heads, were hiding on the planet Anoat, the Uprising wanted to attract Bragh in the middle of Anoat's ruined city. As soon as the commander would have set a foot on Anoat, the Smuggler and the Kouhun assassins led by Deathstick would ambush him, while several Throneships of the Noble Court would keep his Imperial-class Star Destroyer at bay in orbit.[1]

However, the kidnapping attempt was doomed from the outset, as Riley warned the Empire of the upcoming trap. Thinking that capturing Bragh would never convince Governor Adhelard to lift her and her sibling's death mark, she sabotaged the operation in hopes that the Empire would turn a blind eye on them if they turned over the Nobles and the Kouhun. Ultimately, Bragh never showed up on the surface of Anoat in person, and his Star Destroyer managed to overpower the Throneships. Her Majesty, leader of the Nobles, was captured by the Imperials, and so was the assassin Loathe. The captured members of the Uprising were taken to an Imperial penientiary known as the Crypt.[1]



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