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Skywalker: "In fact, I'm pretty sure it's… Amidala's decoys—Sabé—and Eritaé. [sic]"
Eirtaé: "Actually, I'm Eritaé! [sic]"
Sabé: "And I'm Sabé!"
Anakin Skywalker, unable to distinguish between Sabé and Eirtaé[src]

The attempted kidnapping of Senator Amidala, by members of the Burning Rancors, occurred during the Clone Wars on Coruscant.

The attemptEdit

During the Clone Wars, the Jedi High Council discovered that the Confederacy of Independent Systems had paid several outlaws on Coruscant to kidnap Senator Amidala before a crucial speech in the Galactic Senate. In an effort to draw out the kidnappers, the Jedi hid Amidala in a safe location and allowed her handmaidens Sabé and Eirtaé to be captured instead.


The Council then sent Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to rescue the Senator. Unaware of the exchange that had occurred, Skywalker successfully tracked down the kidnappers and subdued them. He released Amidala's decoys, but did not like that he was not told the truth about the Jedi Council's plans.


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