The Attendants were a retinue of mute alien navigators, led by the Supreme Leader Snoke, who originated from the Unknown Regions. Following the fall of the Galactic Empire at Jakku, what was left of the Empire fled to the Unknown Regions in order to escape from the New Republic and plan their revenge. Although most of the surviving Imperial officers would have likely died while crossing the uncharted Regions, the ancient hyperspace trails blazed by the Attendants helped them to stay there, where they took the shape of what eventually became the First Order.[1] They were present aboard Snoke's flagship the Supremacy at the time of the attack on the Resistance fleet in 34 ABY, where they designed and operated the oculus viewing scope in Snoke's throne room.[2]


Two Attendants[2] were present in Snoke’s Throne room when General Armitage Hux entered the chamber. As the general and Supreme Leader conversed, the Attendants carried on with their mysterious work at the oculus viewing scope.[3]

Later as Kylo Ren arrived, the Attendants slowly turned to look over to Snoke then turned back to the oculus. As Ren knelt before his master, the Attendant close to the throne turned and slowly looked to Ren and kept its gaze on him while the other Attendant’s attention remained on the oculus. As Snoke moved from his throne to Ren, the Attendant turned back to the oculus as the second Attendant moved to watch the interaction between the Supreme Leader and the Knights of Ren leader. Moments later both Attendants were back to seeing to the oculus. Both watched and did not react as the Supreme Leader struck Ren with Force lightning as the Knight attempted to attack him in a fit of anger. They continued to remain still as Snoke returned to his throne.[2]

As Ren brought Rey before Snoke, two Attendants were present in the throne room, standing before the oculus looking towards the Supreme Leader. The Attendants were not present as Snoke started to interrogate Rey about Luke Skywalker’s location or as he forced her to watch the First Order’s relentless attack on the Resistance fleet.

General Hux entered the throne room to find it in shambles and on fire. Looking around he saw that the Attendants had fled before seeing Snoke was dead in a crumpled head before his throne.[3]

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"Snoke's aides were an Ivan Manzella design from The Force Awakens, quite close to being used. They were also quite close to being used in Rogue One. But no one seemed to find the place for them. And then suddenly, 'Bang!' It was Michael Kaplan that really drove the costume and their final look, more than anything–even the color of their faces. They were tailored toward that sort of serville, quite, almost religious-type feel."
Neal Scanlan on the Attendants[src]

The Attendants appear in the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, the second installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, written and directed by Rian Johnson.[2]

They were based on concept art originally for J.J. Abrams' 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and were considered for Gareth Edwards' 2016 Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, before being finalized by the Lucasfilm Ltd. artists for The Last Jedi by recommendation of Michael Kaplan.[4]



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