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"I am Chewbacca, son of Attichitcuk."

Attichitcuk's family was a Wookiee clan that may have originated from Rwookrrorro. This clan brought to the galaxy many exceptional warriors, skilled pilots and even a Jedi Knight. The Chevappa clan was their ally, but they also had many arguments with other families.[1]

Family treeEdit

               Unnamed male--+--Unnamed female
     |                                      |                                     |
     |                                      |                                     |
Unnamed sibling--+--Unnamed spouse  Unnamed sibling--+--Unnamed spouse        Attichitcuk--+--Unnamed female    Unnamed male--+--Unnamed female                       |
                 |                                   |                                     |                                  |                  |
                 |                                   |                                     |                                  |                  |
    +------------+-----------+                       |                          +----------+-------+              +---------------------+                                        |
    |            |           |                       |                          |                  |              |                     |                               |
    |            |           |                       |                          |                  |              |                     |
Jowdrrl       Shoran       Dryanta                Tarfful     Mahraccor--+--Kallabow          Chewbacca--+--Mallatobuck               Vargi
                                                                         |                               |
                                                                         |                               |
                                                                 +-------+-------+                       |
                                                                 |               |                       |
                                                                 |               |                       |
                                                            Lowbacca         Sirrakuk               Lumpawaroo

Behind the scenesEdit

In The Star Wars 7, Chewbacca's family is identified as the "Sawa tribe", one of the most powerful Wookiee tribes, whose father (here spelled as "Auzituck") is a prince. In The Star Wars 8, however, the family is referred to as "the great Kaapauku tribe".


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Star Wars: Chewbacca shows us several Wookiees from different clans claiming having griefs with Chewbacca's family.
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