This article is about the Separatist general. You may be looking for the CR90 corvette FarStar.

Atticus Farstar was a Human male Separatist general during the Clone Wars. In the aftermath, Atticus guided several surviving Separatists into hiding on the Outer Rimplanet Ostor. They had hidden themselves there under the belief that the Galactic Empire, formerly the Galactic Republic, would not trace them there.

However, the Imperials under the Sith Lord Darth Vader traced Atticus and his men and invaded the planet. The Imperial commander, General Rohn, was unsuccessful, and the offensive was considered the biggest military disaster for the Imperials at the time. Hock Malsuum, a clone stormtrooper involved in the conflict, later reflected that, despite their being enemies, he had a lot more respect for Farstar than to Rohn in terms of leadership.

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