Attila was an Asteroid Hangar base used by Airam Clan leader Tamaron.


Originally a large asteroid located in The Drift, it was converted into a Hanger base by Airam forces led by Tamaron. After the Rebel Alliance saved personnel from an attack lead by the Imperial Star Destroyers from Task Force Vengeance, Tamaron agreed to replenish the Alliance's Warhead supply and arranged a meeting at his base Attila. There a couple of his Cargo ferries Charlie and Tango and corvette Ignat arrived to conduct trading with Alliance ships such as Cargo ferries Orrian and Lundi and MC40a light cruiser Condor.

While Rogue and Gold Squadron patrolled the area in X-wings. T-wings from Bravo Squadron, under the command of Ilay a rival clan leader and collaborator for the Empire arrived and started attacking the station. After the renegade Airam fighters were dispatched Assault Gunboats along with Star Destroyer Wasp arrived. In spite of Imperial forces bearing down on the meeting, all Airam Cargo ferries traded their Warheads to the Alliance and all ships would escape to Hyperspace.