An Audiobulb was the trademarked name for a device that played recorded music. Its energy source was a highly combustible battery.[1]

In the waning years of the Galactic Republic, the Audiobulb was considered a rare antique. Because of the device's combustible battery, it was no longer manufactured by the time of the Clone Wars. When the music player broke, it had a tendency to explode.[1]

Groodo the Hutt was the owner of an antique Audiobulb. When the bounty hunter Jango Fett infiltrated Groodo's opulent palace-fortress outside Calamar, the capital city of Esseles, Groodo's son Boonda nearly broke his father's Audiobulb when Fett suddenly stepped in from a second-story window to introduce himself to Senator Rodd, the criminal-politician he was pursuing on behalf of Darth Tyranus. While Boonda was startled, the Senator was scared witless. Even so, Fett was immediately forced to contend with one of Groodo's Razor Eater droids.[1][2]

Jango quickly snatched the Hutt's antique Audiobulb and flung it at the droid's head. Clearly unaware of the antique's combustibility, the Razor Eater, whose name was Sparky, opened its jaws and caught the Audiobulb in its mouth. It was the last thing the assassin droid ever caught. Fett closed his eyes as the Razor Eater chomped down on the music player, resulting in a blinding explosion of light and sound. All that remained of the droid's head was its lower jaw. The droid's knee joints buckled, and its body collapsed.[1]

Senator Rodd was captured by Jango Fett with the demise of Sparky and the Audiobulb.[1]

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