Aulus G'luun was a male Gand who lived on the planet of Coruscant. He felt that Gands were victims of discriminatory laws and lacked opportunity. He eventually came into the employ of Lars Baddeg, the leader of the Migrant Merchants' Guild, where G'luun and his group of Gand scavengers were tasked to keep the Noetikon out of Jedi hands. G'luun adopted a complex system of computerized signals that alerted his fellow Gands when to pass the Jedi artifact to another.[1]

After Republic security forces spotted one of the Gands with the artifact, the Guild was barricaded to prevent the Gands from escaping and one of G'luun's underlings was captured. With the information from the underling, a Jedi Consular activated the signal device in the Migrant Merchants' Guild market, which attracted G'luun's attention. G'luun was told that if he relinquished the Noetikon, the barricade would be removed and he and the other Gands would be permitted to leave Coruscant. G'luun complied to these orders.[1]

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