Aur Myss was a male Delphanian. He was a prisoner on board the Imperial Prison barge Purge in 1 BBY. While on board he became leader of the Delphanian Face Gang, one of the barge's preeminent resident prison gangs. He found himself with the Longo family, especially the brothers Trig and Kale. He collected trophies from his victims in the form of piercings on his nose and lower lip. Some of these piercings were ripped out by Kale on board the Purge, as the result of a deal gone wrong. Myss then put a 10,000 credit bounty on the Longo brothers' heads and requested a transfer to the cell next to theirs, which he inevitably got. He planned to kill them himself. He was eventually killed when Kale stabbed him through the back of the throat, following the prisoners' release by Imperial Corrections Officer Wembly.

Myss would return as a zombie to attack Trig Longo on the Star Destroyer Vector. When Trig was hanging onto a ledge for dear life, Aur Myss jumped from a ventilation shaft and grabbed Trig's leg. Trig eventually let go. Trig started to fall, but was then caught by a hovercraft being driven by Jareth Sartoris. Aur Myss fell into the abyss on the Star Destroyer.

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