Aurea was a planet, located in the Aurea system,[1] well known for its expert artisans.[2] The skilled glass workers of the planet were known to make objects of outstanding beauty; luxury vessels that were considered nearly priceless. Further, if one of the vessels was broken, they were known to recreate the object with an even greater beauty than before.[2]

Where this skill arose from was unknown; speculations included an extremely long tradition of glass working, the planet's golden sands, or the temperature of the fires.[2]

Aurea's third moon was a tidal-locked satellite with an environment hospitable to humanoid life. The city of Ifeoma was located on the moon's far side and was home to Merich's Bend Tavern. During the time of the Galactic Empire, Rebel sympathizers arranged gunrunning operations from this establishment. It was from this location that Twi'lek singer, Saahir Ru'luv, and her fiancée, Juri Marbra, began their last mission for the Rebellion before their deaths, hiring Saahir's true love, Thaddeus Ross, and Trep Winterrs to haul a munitions cargo including 500 blaster rifles aboard the Kierra to a hidden Rebel base.



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