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Auren Yomm Baobab (pronounced /AW-ren YOM BAY-oh-bab; IPA: /ˌɔ.ɹɛn ˈjɑm be(i).o.bab/) was a female Human from Roon who met R2-D2 and C-3PO during their adventures after the formation of the Galactic Empire.


Yomm lived in Umboo, a province on Roon with her father Nilz and her mother Bola. She was an excellent athlete and a champion of the Roon Colonial Games. She specialized in the Drainsweeper event which was a three lap race on rockhoppers. Her original team for the games was composed of a friend named Gee Long and the droid Bix. Koong tried to sabotage them by eliminating Long and Bix but another racer, Mungo Baobab and Threepio were able to fill in and they won. Koong was enraged and poisoned Umboo with a chemical called rooze. Koong poisoned Bola but accidentally poisoned himself. Nilz (who was a doctor), was able to cure Bola but not Koong, and he died. At some point after this incident, Auren Yomm married Mungo Baobab and took up residence with him on Quilken.[source?]

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