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"Decorating this place must have cost a fortune. Those statues are made with real aurodium. No wonder the Empire wants this place."
―A visitor to House Organa[src]

Aurodium was an element that, when mined, purified, and formed into ingots, was used as currency in the Outer Rim Territories and other lawless territories where Republic credits were not accepted, much like nova crystals. Aurodium lacked a specific color, instead sparkling. Aurodium ingots yielded a high load when converted into credits, as was usually the case. Darth Sidious' lightsaber was partially constructed with aurodium.

Aurodium idols were used as gifts to impress and gain the trust of Suudaa Nem'ro, Hutt crime lord of Jiguuna, by an Imperial Agent of the resurrected Sith Empire. This was after they were recovered by the agent from criminal forces.

In 29 BBY, ten large ingots of aurodium were worth three billion credits; however, although the ingots were considered large, all of them were combined small enough to keep inside a pouch that was easily concealed on a person.

Aurodium also came in the form of coin. The aurodium standard was once used as a guarantor for the value of galactic currency, though this was abolished some time after 4225 BBY, and thereafter banks became the key backers of the Republic Treasury Reserve.

At least up to the Cold War, the interior of Organa Castle featured many statues of real aurodium, ranging in size from the typical to the towering.

Behind the scenesEdit

Aurodium is obviously intended to be the Star Wars version of gold. The first two letters of aurodium are "Au", which is a common prefix for gold-related words and the periodic symbol for gold. However, "gold" has been mentioned in other Star Wars sources. Its name also resembles rhodium, which is another, rarer real life noble metal and is worth more than gold.