The Aurora Medical Facility was a medical facility on Obroa-skai, not far from the capital city. It had existed for at least sixty-two years, as early as 19 BBY and as late as 43 ABY.

It was capable of sustaining patients with severe injuries or medical conditions for long periods of time, such as in the case of Captain Tobb Jadak. The facility was able to implant memories, install prostheses, and generally rejuvenate patients far beyond their normal lifespans, with Humans treated there living as far as 150 years of age. The facility also used nerve splicing and deep neuron stimulation, as well as muscle stimulation to prevent resorption and atrophy.

Twi'lek psychotherapist Ril Bezant and Chief Neurologist Lial Sompa were staff at the facility. Nurses and aides consisted of Humans and non-Humans. The facility also made use of several medical droids including 2-1B surgical droids, FX-10 medical assistant droids, GH-7 medical analysis units and MD series 11 medical specialists.

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