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Ceiling-mounted automated holocams were present aboard the first Death Star, specifically in Detention Block AA-23. The cameras had two rows of multi-dimensional cameras, each of which had three lens plates, as well as two knobs containing a thermographic and audio sensors, as well as two status indicator lights up on top, and were affixed to the wall on a mounting plate. The visual recordings from these holocams were transmitted visual and audio data to each zone's command sector authority on the battle station. In addition to keeping a constant watch over everyone and every movement in the cell block's workstations, the automated holocams were also connected to the BlasTech Class VI automated laser projectors in the same room, feeding targeting data to the laser's combat computer. Several of these were later destroyed by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca during their attempt at rescuing Princess Leia Organa.



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